While our prices may not be the cheapest in town, there is nowhere else where you get all that you get here for your money: Safety & and a sense of Security  as well as all the comforts of home.


We Welcome All Your Questions.  Please Give Us An Opportunity To Serve You And Your Family With Our Rooms For Rent

There is always someone available to assist you with your needs.

Our Staff Is Available Twenty-Four Hours A Day:

Many residential motels are struggling​ with Bedbugs, We are not due to a Heating System which heats  our room up to one hundred and thirty five degrees which will kill every bedbug including it's eggs.

Our fifty cameras and our staff, who all but one, live on-site are here to ensure that your stay is as drama free as possible.

We Are As Crime Free As One Can Be:

​​Everyone one in our staff generally wants you to be comfortable and enjoy your stay. A good number of our people here have been here for a while.

​We Care About You And Your Pets:

​You Get The Best Bang For Your Buck:

 There are additional prices for additional people and pets.  In addition there is a $20.00 deposit for our dailies and a $100.00 deposit for our weeklies.  There are also additional prices for pets.  Please call (619) 823-1085 for more details.



Rooms For Rent And Why Use Us:

Our Wi-Fi To Most Rooms Is Excellent.

Bedbug Free:

 Many Testimonials Coming Soon:

​Our Staff


We Are Close To Everything:



Has it's own air-conditioner, it's own micro-wave, it's own television with basic cable, and a good wi-fi signal. Split units share a bath-room, a telephone, and the entrance.  In a few cases they may share the refrigerator and if they do it's an large apartment sized one.



Our Wi-Fi might be the best Wi-Fi out there. If it isn't it is close to the best available out there.

Please Call (619) 589-1939 To Speak With Someone

​Pictures are coming soon.

​Each and Every Room has: