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Spacious Two Room Suites

We Have A Welcome Sign For All Pets Because:

I've been in the motel business over ten years. Never yet have I called the police to eject a disorderly dog during the small hours of the night. Never yet has a dog set the bedclothes afire from smoking a cigarette. I've never found a hotel towel or blanket in a dog's suitcase, nor whiskey rings on the bureau top from a dog's bottle. Sure the dog's welcome.  P.S. If he'll vouch for you, come along too.

Split Units are the result of an experiment that began in 2009, when the economy plunged into it's deepest recesses.  Up until 2009, our motel consisted of forty-four units: Sixteen single rooms and twenty-eight two room suites. Our initial reaction to the plunge was to lower our prices and lower our prices we did until we could lower them no more.  And still most nights we had many empty two-room suites.  So as an experiment, we converted two of the two-room suites into our first split units. What used to be a bedroom with a door and a living room has now been converted into two separate studio units. The bedroom has a deadbolt lock for security and privacy and the living room has a blackout privacy curtain. Lockers are available upon request for the living room unit. And now these units have become our most popular units because of their price. 

Due to the popularity of our split units we are now making available upon request our new split room.  We have taken a large room and separated it with accordion doors so two people can rent the same room and enjoy a bit of privacy behind their accordion doors.  This room is also great for the single individual who can't afford the back unit.  And best of all is the price at $49.00 daily and $225.00 weekly.

​​​Prices start at $49.00 daily and $225.00 weekly for a split room, $42.00 daily and $220.00 for the front unit and $59.00 daily and $285.00 weekly for the back unit. 

We Have A Room For Everyone.  (All Prices Include Taxes)

We do our best to only allow roommate compatible people to stay at our place and we do a great job of matching people up with people with whom they will get along with. We have learned that roommate situations only become nightmares when people don't have the option to move quickly when they don't get along with each other. We have twenty seven different roommate units thus, we are able to react quickly when the situation demands a quick response. Checkout our roommate testimonials and feel free to call them and ask them how it is working out for them.

Please Call (619) 589-1939 To Speak With Someone

Prices start at $101.00 daily and $505.00 weekly for one or two people.

Prices start at $75.00 daily and 

$330.00 weekly for one person for the regular sized single and $81.00 daily and $350.00 weekly for the king sized single.

 1) Private Rooms have private entrances and bathrooms.

​ 2) Split Units share an entrance and a bathroom with one

     other room.


We Are The Best Roommate Matching Service Because

Private Single Room

Two Things We Do Not Allow:

​1) No Inappropriate Activity.  If we or our cameras see it, we will ask you to leave.

2) No Bedbugs.  For those of you who have come from a place where you suspected you had bedbugs, we have a special heat chamber designed to kill them.